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2017 ford f series dealer saskatchewan canadaIt’s a series of stops and starts - with your truck locked in a trailering struggle, trying to maneuver its massive frame to that tiny faraway hitch. You sigh, frustrated by both a lack of progress and the inevitable crash. You know this will end with a scratched tailgate.

Ford wants it to instead end with success. That’s why it recently fused its 2017 Super Duty with an autonomous trailer back-up system - allowing drivers to effortlessly (and precisely) navigate every scenario.

According to Motor Trend, the 2017 Ford Super Duty delivers impressive performance. Within its aluminum frame are seven carefully positioned digital cameras - which constantly assess the road for unexpected obstacles and potential collisions. These cameras then relay information to the truck’s central media system, allowing drivers to examine every angle. When paired with a variety of technological advances (including dynamic back-up guidance lines and jackknife warnings), this real-time function promises easy trailering.

By examining the road, the F-Series can more effectively create custom routes - using its adaptive cruise control to seamlessly connect to a hitch. This spares drivers the frustration of gauging distances... and it also spares them the horror of dings, dents, and sudden damage.

We’re certainly thrilled - aren’t you?

To learn more about the 2017 F-Series and its autonomous back-up system contact us today. 
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