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On June 26th the Goodwood Festival of Speed reached an exciting end - with the world’s leading manufacturers (including Bugatti, Aston Martin, and Mercedes-Benz) thrilling audiences with full-throttle displays. None of these displays, however, achieved the same reaction as Ford’s final lap in its much-celebrated Raptor.

Ford - in stark contrast with the convertibles, coupes, and rally-racers - brought its 2017 F-150 Raptor to Goodwood, stunning audiences with spectacular power. Watch below as the truck (deftly handled by former Top Gear performer Ben Collins) completes a 360-degree spin-out on the track.

Ben Collins - known across the globe as the former Stig - left Goodwood guests speechless when he sent the 2017 Raptor tail-spinning across the track. This feat demanded incredible skill... and undeniable power, utilizing the F-150’s V6 engine to ensure a smooth arch.

It’s no surprise that this stunt had the entire festival bursting with gasps, applause, and questions - all centered around the 2017 Raptor and its all-terrain capabilities. The Novlan team is certain that Goodwood will have a good impact on Ford’s upcoming F-Series sales.

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