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2017 ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaEfficiency isn’t an oft-used description for the Ford F-150. Consumers and critics celebrate its power, its performance, and its best-in-class trailering. Economy, however, is rarely considered.

With the introduction of the Auto Start-Stop system this may soon change.

According to Kelly Blue Book, Ford will soon standardize the Auto Start-Stop system for its 2017 F-150. This system delivers improved efficiency, automatically stopping the engine once the brakes are engaged to reduce emissions, save fuel, and optimize overall performance. It’s intended as a complement to the EcoBoost platform.

That intention proves successful, with the Auto Start-Stop system bolstering mileage results between six percent and eight percent (as reported by AutoBlog). This will have a massive impact on the industry, with the top-selling F-150 creating a generation of economical drivers. Fuel demands will decrease, while performance remains high.

What could be better?

With the release of the 2017 F-150 Ford creates a masterclass in engineering - delivering twin-turbo performance and aluminum construction. The inclusion of Auto Start-Stop simply enhances the experience.

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