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2016 ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaWith the release of the 2015 F-150, Ford redefined pick-up performance. Its innovative use of aluminum framing (with traditional steel sent to the scrap yards, taking its excess weight with it) ensured steady economy and effortless steerage, allowing the truck to more effectively adapt to everyday demands. Critics and drivers alike have celebrated this decision.

Now there’s yet another reason to celebrate - because Ford is partnering with Alcoa for its 2016 F-150.

According to Seeking Alpha, Ford and Alcoa (the Aluminum Company of America) are joining forces for the new F-150. The two will collaborate on a next-generation frame alloy. This alloy - known as Micromill - promises up to 30% more strength, allowing it to withstand daily rigors and potential collisions. It also requires less time to manufacture, streamlining the building process and increasing overall production.

This proves key for Ford, who struggled early in 2015 with F-150 assemblage. Lines were slow and sales slipped, causing many to wonder if the aluminum decision was a wise one. Micromill will ease those doubts.

To learn more about Alcoa visit its official site.

To learn more about the 2016 F-150 - as well as the partnership between Ford and Alcoa - contact the Novlan team today!
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