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In 2008 Ford unveiled its F-150 Raptor, stunning audiences at the North American International Auto Show (and, subsequently, the world). This pick-up performer delivered true Triton power, with a V8 engine promising 320 HP and 390 lb.-ft of torque. This combined with a four-wheel-drivetrain for exceptional all-terrain results.


That tradition is about to continue - because a new F-150 Raptor is on its way!


Watch below as Ford puts its latest pick-up to the test, propelling it through mud, up steep inclines and around sharp curves. The truck faces a series of punishing environments... and doles out some punishment of its own.

The 2017 Raptor proves perfect for any road. According to Motor Ward, it will feature: 3-inch FOX Racing shocks, internal bypass technology, torque-on-demand technology and an improved FWD. These specs promise spectacular performance for every driver. With the new aluminum body, Ford is boasting a 400 lb weight save. Not only that, but Ford says they will be getting MORE hp and MORE torque from the V6 engine they put in it! We are excited to see what this new Raptor will do when put to the test on our northern prairies terrain.

To learn more about this the 2017 Raptor - as well as other F-150 variants - contact Novlan Bros. today!