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Versatile Precision Ag System

V-PAS, the new precision ag system for tractors and self-propelled sprayers. Cruizer models are avaiable in all Row Crop and 4WD models while the Envizio Pro is available in the SX275 Self-Propelled Sprayer.


Versatile Precision Ag System

Increased Flexibility
V-PAS brings greater accuracy and efficiency to a variety of operations – from tillage to seeding to spraying. V-PAS can be easily moved from one piece of equipment to the other, which makes a great “second” guidance unit for equipment and applications that do not require upper-end capability.

Guided Profitability
V-PAS benefits go straight to your bottom line – especially when considering the competitive price and quick payback. With V-PAS you can know more, control more and ultimately make more.

High resolution Screen
A large 5.7" touch screen displays easy to understand features and icon based menus. A day/night mode ensures the screen can be seen anytime of day.

Guidance Technology
Last Pass guidance is the industry’s easiest to operate – especially for irregularly shaped fields. Automatic correction intelligence virtually eliminates the possibility of repeating an error on one pass.

Visual Perspective
A 3-D aerial perspective allows the operator to adjust for any natural earth contours. Field view screen helps verify coverage and identifies skips. V-PAS also calculates acreage within a defined boundary so you know just how much ground was covered.

Record Keeping
Bitmap files can be quickly saved and printed for reports showing coverage map and acreage covered. KML files allow coverage information can be inputted from Google Earth or Google Maps.

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