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Air Drill


Independently Proven Accuracy
Versatile Air Drills have been engineered from the ground up to be pinpoint accurate in a wide range of field conditions. The result is consistent seed depth, better germination and smooth field finish year after year.

3-Section Air Drill
For small to mid-sized operations, Versatile offers an air drill that will suit any farming style. Available in 28', 33', 37' and 40' (8.5, 10.1, 11.3 and 12.2 m) sizes.

5-Section Air Drill
Available in widths of 48', 52', 56', or 60' (14.6, 15.7, 17.1 or 18.3 m), Versatile Air Drills offer maximum productivity and results for larger operators that need to cover more acres in less time.

Accurate Seeding

Every Versatile Air Drill is engineered using high quality components and innovative features.

Depth Control
Single cylinder depth control guarantees accurate seeding depth control. All 3-section air drills use mechanical depth control. Dual hydraulic cylinders allow for simple and accurate depth control adjustments. All 5-section air drills feature hydraulic depth control.

Positive Mechanical Depth Stops
Positive mechanical depth stops ensure the seeding depth doesn’t change while working and clip onto the single depth-control cylinder, conveniently located at the front of the machine. With cylinder adjustments in 1/8" (3 mm) increments, operators are able to set the air drill for precise seeding results every time.

Walking Beam Packer Gangs
The walking beam design provides positive packing pressure by allowing individual gangs to roll over obstructions in the field without affecting the adjacent gangs.

Seed Boots
Four seed boot choices with varying spread patterns are available for single shoot. A wide variety of after-market double shoot boots are also available from your Versatile Dealer.

Shank Assembly
The rugged, spring cushion shank is 3.5" (89 mm) full width nylon-graphite bushing. Self-lubricating, these bushings have a long service life with no maintenance required. Shank assemblies have dual springs with a choice of 350 lb (159 kg) or 550 lb (250 kg) initial breakout force.

Narrow Contour Depth
A shallow contour depth provides unbeatable land-hugging characteristics, even in rolling terrain.


Front/Rear Leveling
Front to rear leveling is accomplished quickly and easily with adjustable pusharms connected to the rockshaft.

Quick Wing Levelers
To ensure accurate depth is achieved, the levelness of the toolbar is crucial. A single person can level the wing sections side to side by extending or contracting these quick wing levelers.

Flex-Wing Hinges
A flex-wing hinge system gives the fore/aft travel needed to follow the ground and reduce torsional stress without any maintenance required. The fixed hinge on the second row of each section provides weight transfer from frame to frame to ensure proper depth penetration from each section.

In-Frame Casters
Front caster wheels are placed inside the first row of the drill’s frame. This enables the air drill to follow uneven ground very accurately because it shortens the contour depth. Large 11L and 12.5L tires are standard in order to offer maximum flotation.

Under Frame Clearance
35" (889 mm) of opener to frame clearance allows trash to flow through the drill with ease. 46" (1.2 m) of clearance is achieved when the drill is lifted completely.

A fully welded 5-row frame design ensures no two shanks are placed closely on the same row, or front to back, leaving smooth field finish.

Automatic Transport Lock
In transport, both front casters and rear transport wheels are automatically locked with over-center, mechanical linkages. Hydraulic pressure unlocks the drill from the transport position.

Lock-Out Valves
Lock-out valves can be engaged during transport to prevent the wings from unfolding, even if the operator accidently moves the hydraulic levers.

Packer Choices
Semi-pneumatic rubber will flex and shed wet, sticky soil. Steel packers, with industry leading 1/4" (6 mm) face, are better suited to rocky conditions.


Central Grease Banks
High pressure grease hose, located at the front of the air drill, leads to each rockshaft bearing located in the middle of the frame.

In-Frame Harrows
Optional 2-row in-frame harrows provide a more level field finish and better seed-to-soil contact. Operators can adjust the angle and down pressure of the 16" (406 mm) tines to match varying field conditions.

End Shank Gauges
Economical End Shank Gauges provide visual indication of the drill’s field position and can help prevent costly overlaps. They are fully adjustable and offer spring breakaway protection against impact. Available on all drills except 28' (8.5 m).

Walking Front Casters
To increase flotation, mainframe dual caster wheels are standard equipment on drills 40' (12.2 m) and larger and optional on all smaller 3-section drills.

Rock Deflectors / Mud Scrapers
Rock deflectors are available to prevent rocks or stumps from lodging between packer wheels. Steel packers have adjustable, hardened mud scrapers available to strip off mud and ensure consistent packer performance.

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