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Salford - BBI Fertilizer & Litter Spreaders
Fertilizer and Lime Spreaders
BBI Manufactures Five Brands of Fertilizer and Lime Spreaders so we are sure to have a Fertilizer and Lime Spreader that is Right for You!! The BBI Fertilizer and Lime Spreader Brands include: MagnaSpread2, MagnaSpread3, MagnaSpread Ultra, Cricket Ag and Turf, and Liberty Mechanical Spreaders. BBI Fertilizer and Lime Spreaders are available with 304 Stainless Steel, 409 Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Hoppers. A BBI Fertilizer and Lime Spreader can be configured with Self Contained Hydraulics, Plug to Tractor Hydraulics or Mechanical Drive. All BBI Hydraulic Fertilizer Lime Spreaders in the MagnaSpread line are equipped with the BBI Binary Manifold and are READY to Plug N Play with all Agricultural Electronics.
Litter Spreaders
BBI Manufactures three families of Litter Spreaders under our Endurance Brand. Endurance Litter Spreaders are designed to deliver a variety of organic materials. The BBI Endurance Litter Spreader is available as Truck Mount or Pull Type, Mechanical, Plug to Tractor or Hydraulic Litter Spreaders. If you are looking for a reliable, efficient Litter Spreader, check out BBI! BBI Litter Spreaders are customized to spread a variety of materials including: Litter, Poultry Litter, Chicken Litter, Turkey Litter, Litter Compost, Lime, Shavings, Compost, Humate, Humalfa, Wood Chips, Manure, Sand Organics, Mulch, Sand, Salt and any flow able material.
The design, engineering and production of our Litter Spreaders, Fertilizer Spreaders, Truck-Mount Spreaders, Pull-Type Spreaders, 2-Bin Spreaders, 3-Bin Spreaders, Large Capacity Fertilizer Spreaders is constantly scrutinized by our engineers, sales and production staff. BBI Hydraulic Endurance Litter Spreaders are ready to Plug and Play with Agricultural Electronics which is important if you want to Know or Control Where, When and What you have Spread!
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