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Trim is the manufacturer's way of differentiating the level of equipment installed on models of the same name. (Example: Triburon GLS, Expedition XLT, Trailblazer LS)

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Harrow Attachments
Universal Harrow Attachments
Salford harrow systems are routinely added to new, non-Salford, tillage equipment to help producers improve the performance of their machinery. Harrow packages are also commonly added to older equipment to extend the life of the machine and offer a simple, durable finishing solution. Salford harrow packages can be fitted to almost any machine regardless of the size, or frame design. Producers and equipment dealers choose Salford harrow packages for their adaptability and continue to use them for their simplicity and durability. 
Types of Salford Harrow Attachments
3 Bar of Heavy Duty 1/2" x 20" coil tine
3 Bar of Heavy Duty 1/2" x 20" coil tine, single 11" roller
3 Bar of Heavy Duty 1/2" x 20" coil tine, sing HD 14" roller
3 Bars of 3/8" x 16" coil tine
3 Bars of 3/8" x 16" coil tine, single 11" roller
2 Bars of 3/8" x 16" coil tine, double 11" rollers
Single 11" roller
Double 11" Roller
Single HD 14" roller
Double HD 14" roller
3/4" buster bar
3/4" buster bar, single 11" roller
3/4" buster bar, double 11" roller
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