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I-1500 Strip Till Fertilizer Applicator
I-1500 Strip Till Fertilizer Applicator

The I-1500 Strip Till Applicator takes the best of strip till technology and spreads it out over a much deeper frame than conventional strip-till machines in order to prevent the tool from plugging with high volume residue. 
 Combined with Salford Commodity Carts the I-1500 is an ideal tool for responsible nutrient management.  The carts flexible metering system and multiple compartments allow you to apply the right products at the right rate.  The I-1500's high clearance design allows you to get into the field in almost any conditions, allowing you to apply pre-planting fertilizers at the right time; And the multiple attachments for broadcast incorporation, banding behind coulters and deep placement with the shank kit allow you to put your pre-planting fertilizer in the right place.
 Salford’s I-Series tools can be equipped with 500lb spring trip shanks, or 1,300lb hydraulically protected shanks that can till and apply fertilizer up to 8” deep.  The I-1500 can be equipped with berming and/or rolling baskets to create the desired finish.
 The I-1500 strips are on 30" centers and the standard layout tills a 20" row with 5 coulters per row and a 10" undisturbed strip between the rows.  The Coil-Tech Coulter I blade mounts carry a 20" wavy coulter and features industry leading clearance and durability.

Coulters and mounts
Coil-Tech Coulter I blade mount, 1 1/4" Coil
20” dia x 4.5mm coulter
Boron steel blades
8 or 13 wave blades
4-bolt hubs
5” of vertical travel
Heavy Duty 4”x6” tubing
Hydraulic level lift
Single point depth control
Heat treated cast clevis hitch
Operator convenience center
Welded main frame with capped tube ends
Optional Equipment
500lb reset Spring Shanks
1,300lb reset Hydraulic Shanks
Commodity broadcast diffuseres
Commodity banding delivery
100 lb weight kits
Tow Hitch (one man connection)
Hydraulic lines to tow hitch
Axle pivot grease bank
Finishing Package
  Berming Blades
2x 20" Concave blades on Coil-Tech XT blade mount
  Heavy Duty 14” Rolling Harrow
Adjustable down pressure
Triple seal 1.5” bearing
Resists rock damage,even at high-speed
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