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Trim is the manufacturer's way of differentiating the level of equipment installed on models of the same name. (Example: Triburon GLS, Expedition XLT, Trailblazer LS)

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Durable Power-
Durable Power

The 18-horsepower diesel engine in each of these front tractors provides high torque rise to handle tough mowing jobs, even in thick grass. Fuel economy is superb with Kubota’s Three Vortex Combustion System (TVCS). You get cleaner exhaust and quiet operation. Rubber engine mounts minimize vibration, and cooling air is discharged to the rear, away from the operator. Power travels by shaft drive from the PTO to the mower deck. The mowing blade’s multi-belt drive system is very durable.

Hydraulic Wet-type Multiple-Disc PTO Clutch -

The hydraulic wet-type multiple-disc PTO clutch is the first in this class. Very durable, it engages smoothly with reduced shock and needs less maintenance. No belts or pulleys are needed.

Multi-Belt Drive System -
Multi-Belt Drive System

The multi-belt drive system provides outstanding durability with a Double-V belt, on the 48, 54 and 60-inch side-discharge mower decks.

Shaft-Drive PTO -
Shaft-Drive PTO

The shaft-drive PTO delivers more cutting power to the mower with fewer problems than belt drive systems.

Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) -

Hydrostatic transmission (HST) with cruise control makes mowing smooth and simple with an easy on-foot pedal operation.

Easy Operation-

So you can mow easily around trees, these front tractors turn a tight radius of just 12.2 inches. Round shoulder-wide rear tires ensure careful treading on your turf (GF1800E (2WD) only). Mower decks lift easily and can remain in a raised position, even when the lift lever is released, because of the standard hydraulic lift.


The GF1800 with rear wheel steering allows for great manoeuverability. This is especially useful in confined areas.

Operator Comfort-
Operator Comfort

The key-operated ignition switch, headlight switch, accelerator levers and lift lever are located around the steering wheel. Located in front of the operator is the instrument panel with the hour meter, coolant temperature gauge and Easy CheckerTM Panel, which monitors preheat, battery charge, oil pressure and low fuel level.

Tilt Steering -
Tilt Steering

Tilt steering lets you select the more comfortable operating position. The semi-flat deck provides legroom comfort and simplifies mounting and dismounting of the front mower. Battery and radiator dust screen maintenance are simple.

High-Back Seat -
High-Back Seat

The high-back seat slides back and forth, adjusting easily with one touch. It’s fitted with coil springs for extra comfort.

Easy Maintenance-
Easy Maintenance

With these front tractors, it’s easy to mount and remove attachments to match your specific needs. The tractor’s battery is within reach for quick servicing. The radiator dust screen is easy to remove for fats cleaning. Changing air and oil filters is fast and simple, since these service areas are easily accessible.

Operating Safety-

Many safety features are provided. The wet single-plate PTO brake automatically stops the mower blade quickly if the PTO clutch is disengaged. The operator presence control switch automatically stops the engine if the operator leaves the seat while the PTO clutch is engaged. The safety start switch assists safe engine starts. Mower deck safety is enhanced as well. A headlight is a standard feature, permitting operation at dawn or dusk. ROPS and a seat belt are standard on the GF1800(4RM).

Traction Control-
Traction Control

Foot-actuated 4WD provides either continuous or "on-demand" ground-hugging traction with the simple touch of your foot on-the-go.

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