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Trim is the manufacturer's way of differentiating the level of equipment installed on models of the same name. (Example: Triburon GLS, Expedition XLT, Trailblazer LS)

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SVL 75-2
Vertical Lift Path-
Vertical Lift Path

The vertical lift path of the loader arms provides longer reach when dumping at full lift height. It also prevents you from repositioning when raising the loader close to a truck.


Important sight lines are all visible, including the edge of the bucket.

Tilt Up Cab-
Tilt Up Cab

The full tilt up cab allows for easy access to hydraulics, valves and lines.

Floor Mats/Drain Outlet-
Floor Mats/Drain Outlet

The floor mats are easy to remove, and the drain outlet allows you to wash the mats and foot area right in the cab.

Engine Stall Guard-

The anti stall feature prevents engine stalling when forward movement is under resistance.

Self Levelling Loader-

During lifting only, the loader bucket stays horizontal automatically.

Loader Float Function-

When back-grading, just push the right joystick forward, flick the switch, and release the joystick. The float function is activated until you pull the joystick or hit the switch.

Hand & Foot Throttle-

With a hand and foot throtle, you can easily adjust engine speed for travelling while maintaining an engine speed for loader work.

Slide & Tilt Radiator-
Slide & Tilt Radiator

Simply loosen 4 bolts and the radiator tilts and slides out for easy engine access.

Original Rubber Tracks-
Original Rubber Tracks

The tracks are a unique lug pattern and rubber compound, making for superior traction and track life.

Triple Flange Track Rollers-
Triple Flange Track Rollers

The triple flange rollers provide excellent stability as well as protection from de-tracking.

Large Operator Area-
Large Operator Area

Kubota's CTL machines boast a wide entrance, ample leg/foot room, high-back suspension seat, and excellent elbow and head room. They set the new standard for any comparable size track loader.

CRS and DPF-

The Common Rail System (CRS) electronically controls the fuel injection timing and amount in stages rather than all at once for optimal combustion. The results are great efficiency, better fuel economy and less engine noise. Its combination with the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)Muffler reduces emissions to make the SVL75-2 Tier IV compliant/ SVL90-2 Interim Tier 4 compliant.

Auto regeneration-

Kubota’s original automatic regeneration system automatically burns accumulated particulate matter (soot) in the DPF muffler to keep the muffler clean for longer operation. For safety reasons, automatic regeneration can be turned off with the inhibit switch when the excavator is operating in areas that are close to material with potential for ignition.

Electronic travel torque management-

Electronic Travel Torque Management System lets you work faster with more power. The ECU constantly monitors the load of the machine to optimally control hydraulic pump output according to the load, preventing engine stalls for smoother operation even under severe conditions

High flow auxiliary hydraulics-

This option can increase the hydraulic capacity for attachments requiring larger hydraulics. Both 1/2" and 3/4" couplers are included.

Slide up front window-
Slide up front window

The sliding front door can be opened regardless of the position of bucket or attachment, allowing you to get in or out of difficult situations, and also work with the front door open. This is a added benefit when hooking up attachments, thus improving visibility and safety.

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