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Trim is the manufacturer's way of differentiating the level of equipment installed on models of the same name. (Example: Triburon GLS, Expedition XLT, Trailblazer LS)

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General Purpose
Kubota is a Single Source Manufacturer-
Kubota is a Single Source Manufacturer

Kubota utility vehicles, along with the majority of vehicles and machines distributed under the Kubota brand, are manufacturer solely by Kubota. Kubota engines, transmissions and major components are built in every machine - no substitutes.

21.6 Hp Kubota Diesel Engine-
21.6 Hp Kubota Diesel Engine

The Kubota RTVs boast powerful diesel engines. Liquid-cooled for long and strenuous tasks, 3 cylinder for quiet yet powerful operation, these bullet proof marvels are the true heart of the Kubota RTVs.

VHTPlus2 (Variable Hydro Transmission)-
VHTPlus2 (Variable Hydro Transmission)

No rubber belts allowed. Kubota's exclusive high-performance three-range VHTPlus2 features more usable torque, steady acceleration, smooth engine-assisted deceleration, hill-holding abilities and powertrain durability that no rubber-belted CVT can muster over the long haul.

Responsive Hydrostatic Power Steering-
Responsive Hydrostatic Power Steering

Off-road driving requires split-second decision-making. Kubota RTVs respond just as quickly. They're the first in their class to be eqUipped with hydrostatic power steering.

Front Suspension-
Front Suspension

The MacPherson Strut-type suspension on each of the front wheels an independent suspension system - maximizes shock absorption as well as minimizes body tilt.

High Intensity Frame Structure-
High Intensity Frame Structure

Meticulously crafted from a high-intensity, lightweight metal and robotically welded for maximum reliability, the RTV900's rugged frame structure can endure years of tough punishment.

Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS)-
Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS)

For your safety and protection, a ROPS is a standard feature on the RTV900. This ROPS meets OSHA 1928.52 standards.

Comfortable Seat-
Comfortable Seat

Our new seat has been made deeper and the backrest shape has been changed. These improve overall operator comfort and make long days on the RTV900 a whole lot easier

Reliable, Wet-type Disc Brake-
Reliable, Wet-type Disc Brake

Taking on a hilly terrain means frequent braking. With our light-step, wet-type disc brake, you'll stop quickly and effortlessly. Plus, its durability means no drop in performance due to wear.

Quick-read Instrumentation-
Quick-read Instrumentation

To help keep your eyes on the road, the RTV instrument panel's convenient layout lets you monitor vital operating conditions in an instant. Monitor lamps include oil level, charge status, and more.

Standard Retractable Seatbelts-
Standard Retractable Seatbelts

The RTV's retractable seatbelts are easier to fasten and have an anti-cinch mechanism that detects excess shock and compensates accordingly.

Spacious, Dumping Cargo Bed-
Spacious, Dumping Cargo Bed

Whether it's a big payload or loads of gear, you'll securely haul either in the extra-large cargo bed. A true hydraulic bed-lift system* enables easy dumping by simply operating a single lever. These RTVs easily carry a 48" pallet with 1100 Ibs of weight. (*Optional on RTV900 General Purpose model)

Rear Suspension-
Rear Suspension

On each of the rear wheels, the semi-independent suspension-type DeDion axle, the leaf spring, and the shock absorber react together to minimize shocks when negotiating rough terrain



High-Capacity, High-Mount Air Cleaner-
High-Capacity, High-Mount Air Cleaner

The 5" diameter air cleaner has been raised so that it's protected from the dust and dirt caused during heavy work. (Standard on Utility Model)


We've added a speedometer to the RTV900 to allow operators more precise control over their speed while working. Optional on General Purpose and Worksite(Orange) Models.

Hand Throttle-
Hand Throttle

The hand throttle allows the operator to increase and maintain engine RPMs while operating tools. (Standard on Utility Model)

Factory-installed Spray-on Bed Liner-
Factory-installed Spray-on Bed Liner

To protect your RTV's bed and to make hauling loads easier, the RTV900 can be ordered with the industry's first and only factory installed spray-on bedliner. (Factory Option)

Hydraulic Utility Valve (Standard on Utility Model)-
Hydraulic Utility Valve (Standard on Utility Model)

Use the RTV900 with Hydraulic Utility Valve to change the way you work. Available on both our RTV900 Worksite Utility and RTV900 Turf Utility vehicles, the Hydraulic Utility Valve has the power to drive tools such as a breaker, a concrete cutter, a chainsaw and a posthole digger. It offers a 5 gpm pump capacity and is equipped with an oil cooler to keep it running at peak performance no matter how tough the task.

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