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Trim is the manufacturer's way of differentiating the level of equipment installed on models of the same name. (Example: Triburon GLS, Expedition XLT, Trailblazer LS)

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Kubota Diesel Engine-

You’ll experience greater power, dependability and cleaner emissions with the 37.4 HP Kubota diesel engine. It starts quickly in cold weather and sustains high torque rise, even under heavy loads or at lower speeds. Special balancers provide low noise and vibration levels, and a spark arrestor muffler is standard equipment.

GST Transmission-

An electronically controlled hydraulic GST (Glide Shift Transmission) is ideal for implement work. It enables clutchless, shock-free and on the go shifting without a loss of power, for smooth, responsive and efficient operation. Plus, increase loader production with the shuttle shift. You can now shift from forward, to reverse, and back again without clutching or braking.

Independent PTO-

Our Independent PTO allows you to engage and disengage the rear PTO while the tractor is in motion. No more stopping tractor travel to engage or disengage the rear PTO. Plus, for safer, more convenient PTO use, the L39 features an operator presence control and protective flip-up shields.

Walk-Through Step-

The generous step-through area lets you switch from loader to backhoe operation quickly and easily. The seat pivots on the spot to eliminate operator dismounts or users from having to climb over the seat.

ROPS/FOPS and Combination Headlights/Worklights-

The 4-post Rollover Protective Structure and the Falling Object Protective Structure come standard, to keep you safe from potential risks. Plus, we've mounted the headlights high to allow for a larger area of night coverage.

Loader Lifting Capacity-

Unparalleled for a tractor of its size, the L39’s productive hydraulic system means heavy-duty loads are no match for its 2,200-pound lifting capacity and 9-foot 6-inch lifting height.

Slanted Boom Design-

Slanted to match the L39’s hood, the front loader boom design provides operators with a greater field of view when changing attachments, as well as gives the tractor a more sleek and modern appearance.

Auto-Leveling Valve-

The Auto-leveling Valve automatically keeps the bucket or pallet fork horizontal as the loader boom raises and lowers. The On/Off switch deactivates the system for greater operator control. Spills are reduced, while pallet fork operation and loading jobs are made easier.

Backhoe Digging Capacity-

With a 10-foot digging depth, 5,825- pound bucket breakout force and a lifting capacity of 1,235 pounds, you’ll be able to power through those tough jobs with the L39’s backhoe. Large hydraulic pumps enable smooth, efficient management of demanding excavation and trenching jobs, and with the least amount of effort.

Curved Boom-

Now, you can avoid those dig area obstacles like rocks or tombstones, and easily reach maximum digging depth with a minimum trench cut. Our curved boom design is arched to clear sideboards and position materials in the center of the truck bed, while giving a more rugged, powerful look to the L39.

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