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Trim is the manufacturer's way of differentiating the level of equipment installed on models of the same name. (Example: Triburon GLS, Expedition XLT, Trailblazer LS)

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Deluxe: 2630-3030HSD-F
26.0 Hp
Starting from $18,566
  • 19.5 PTO Hp
  • 3-range HST transmission
  • Hydraulic independent PTO
  • Power steering
  • Rear and Mid PTO
  • Foldable ROPS
30.0 Hp
Starting from $20,141
  • 23.0 PTO Hp
  • 3-range HST transmission
  • Hydraulic independent PTO
  • Power steering
  • Rear and Mid PTO
  • Foldable ROPS

High-output engine-

High-output engine

To help you tackle tough jobs, the B2630 engine deliver 26 gross horsepower.

Hydraulic independent PTO-

Hydraulic independent PTO

An efficient feature that keeps you working, the independent PTO lets you engage or disengage both the mid and rear PTO without having to stop the tractor.

More powerful HST-

For increased efficiency, we made our new HST more powerful. For easier operation, there’s only one pedal and we made it wider.

Mechanical cruise control-

Mechanical cruise control

At any speed, cruise control allows you to smoothly set, increase/decrease, and override (depress HST pedal) pre-set speeds without resetting the cruise control lever.

Multi-reflective headlights-

Multi-reflective headlights

No matter when or where you’re working, our new, multi-reflective headlights will let you see further and better.

Slant-nose hood-

Slant-nose hood

For a better view of what’s up ahead as well as efficient front-loader operation, the hood has a slanted-nose design.

Tilt steering wheel-

Tilt steering wheel

To provide a more comfortable driving position, the steering wheel tilts upward and downward.

3-point-hitch position control-

3-point-hitch position control

This feature gives you more precise control of your rear implements.

Re-designed front grille-

Re-designed front grille

The newly designed front grille is a perfect match with the B2630 slanted-nose design. It’s also easier to clean.

Hydrostatic power steering-

This must-have feature provides nimble handling while greatly reducing fatigue during long hours of operation.

Widely spaced fenders-

Widely spaced fenders

By setting rear fenders further apart, we created more space for the operator. By angling control levers toward the operator, they’re easier to reach. And, enlarged lever guides make for easy control lever recognition.

Ratchet-type lift rod-

Ratchet-type lift rod

For speedy adjustments to 3-point mounted implements, lift rod adjustments can be made without using tools.

Telescopic lower-link ends-

With an intelligent design, our telescopic lower-link ends make attaching and detaching implements a snap.

Telescopic stabilizers-

Telescopic stabilizers

For easy adjustment of the 3-point hitch, nothing beats our telescopic stabilizers.

Increased 3-point-hitch lift capacity-

Now, with even more hydraulic power, you can take on larger, heavy-duty rear implements, and perform them with more authority.

Offset mid-PTO-

Being offset to the side, quick installation and removal of the mower is now possible.

Dash panel-

Dash panel

large numbers, the easy-to-read dash panel lets you quickly monitor vital tractor functions such as engine speed, engine temperature, fuel level, etc.

Large capacity toolbox-

Large capacity toolbox

Sturdier and larger, the new toolbox keeps more of your tools, manuals, and other belongings, clean and dry.

Cup holder-

Cup holder

Now, you can take your beverage with you—by securely placing it in the essential cup holder.

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