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Trim is the manufacturer's way of differentiating the level of equipment installed on models of the same name. (Example: Triburon GLS, Expedition XLT, Trailblazer LS)

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Kubota Liquid-cooled Gasoline Engine-
Kubota Liquid-cooled Gasoline Engine

Kubota's new 32.5 HP liquid-cooled gasoline engine delivers first-rate levels of torque, productivity, and low engine noise. This new engine has been designed with a proven liquid-cooled Kubota diesel block to assure smooth operations and longevity that only Kubota is known for in this class of engine.


For superior durability, we incorporated an integral-type, twin-hydrostatic transmission. Except for an occasional fluid change, its hermetically-sealed structure requires no maintenance—not even a belt change

Pro Commercial Mower Deck-
Pro Commercial Mower Deck

For outstanding cutting performance, nothing surpasses Kubota’s extra-deep mower deck. With depths of 6" and 6.5", the deepest in the industry, the ZG332P-60 offers a 60" deck.

Anti-Overflow System-

The edges of the mower deck greatly reduce grass blow-back and help keep lawns looking nice and clean, particularly in dry conditions.

Baffle Design-

The mower deck’s advanced baffle design improves airflow to better discharge grass clippings, optimizing cutting performance for every job.

Flexible Discharge Chute-
Flexible Discharge Chute

The Z-Series mower deck features a discharge chute crafted from a flexible but sturdy material, which helps reduce damage to landscaping.

Optional Attachments - Advanced Mulching System-
Optional Attachments - Advanced Mulching System

The deep mower deck of the Kubota Z-Series is perfect for mulching, even in thick grass. A Kubota original baffle has been added to the closedsystem design to optimize airflow and facilitate repeated cutting. The mulching blades are designed to provide an extra-fine cut, leaving a beautiful finish.

Optional Attachments - Mulching blades-

Forged from high-quality steel, our Z-Series mulching blades are incredibly durable and hold their edges longer

Optional Attachments - “Catch All” Grass Catcher-
Optional Attachments - “Catch All” Grass Catcher

The large 12.2-bushel hopper allows the operator to mow longer over a larger area without stopping as often to empty clippings. For the quick removal of grass clippings, the hopper lid is simply unlocked and the bag slides out. *Requires blower kit.


Work lights, front blade, and striping kit are available for selected models. See dealer for details.

High-Back Deluxe Suspension Seat-
High-Back Deluxe Suspension Seat

When you’re mowing all day long, comfort is a necessity. And Kubota’s standard deluxe link-type suspension seat takes comfort to a whole new level. The extrawide seat features adjustable armrests, lumbar support, weight adjustment, and much more, to give the operator a custom fit.

Maintenance Lift*-

Kubota’s innovative two-pin, tilt-up, lift feature allows the front of the ZG/ZD-300 Series to be easily raised without having to remove the midmount mower, making routine maintenance underneath the mower quick and simple. It’s like having a built-in jack right there when you need it. * Optional on ZG332 models

Hands-Free Parking Brake/ Deck Lift Pedals-
Hands-Free Parking Brake/ Deck Lift Pedals

With the ZG/ZD Series, you only need to depress a single pedal to park the mower. And, thanks to the 2-pedal hydraulic deck lift system, you can easily raise and lower the deck to keep mowing in spite of obstacles. All three pedals are placed directly in front of you on the angled footboard for easy access.

Mower Access-
Mower Access

The ZG/ZD Series features a special maintenance hatch, with a built-in storage pocket, on the full-flat operator platform. It allows easy access to the upper mower, mower belt, gearbox case and universal joint.

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