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The Industry Standard

The Degelman Signature series rock pickers are the result of over 50 years of pursuing excellence Degelman rock pickers are unrivalled for performance and durability and are THE industry standard. Our attention to details means these machines will work flawlessly for years to come, as you will commonly find Degelman rock pickers made 50 years ago still working today.
Superior Rock and Soil Separation
Degelman rock pickers are designed to pick stones quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of soil collection. The geometry between the reel and grill is designed so that the paddle makes the first contact, lifts and spins the stone onto the grill further separating the rock from the soil.
The unique interlaced grill and paddle teeth drop dirt easily onto the field. Even the hopper box makes use of grated spring bar strapping to keep rocks in and dirt out.
Large Stone Capacity
With a massive 28 inches of clearance between the paddle assembly and the grill, large stones are easily picked. These machines are designed to provide relentless heavy stone work day in and day out.
Stone Digging Capacity
With the unit in transport position, the picker's solid grill tines can be lowered into the soil to lift partially submerged rocks. While not specifically built for this purpose, the 7200 functions well in the removal of moderately sized stones. For large stone problems, the Degelman Rock Digger is the tool of choice for ridding your field of these oversized rocks.
Windrow Capacity
Operators that clear bush and pasture land often use Degelman rock rakes to place debris into neat windrows. Our Degelman rock pickers were designed to take the normally tough demands of a rock windrows. These windrows are often contaminated with sticks, stumps, crop residue and stones of various sizes and shapes. Degelman Signature series pickers are designed to work tirelessly for this exact purpose.
Round Solid Steel Grill
The grill teeth on the Signature Rock Pickers are made of round solid C1045 steel shafts. This steel is much stronger than ordinary mild steel and has a natural spring to it to resist impact damage. A Degelman grill is extra heavy, developed with the optimum sweeps and curves to separate rocks from stones. Every third tooth is welded to the frame to allow small lodged rocks to clear freely. The round profile itself is also the optimum shape with the smallest choke point to minimize jams.
Hensley Excavator Tips
From loose dirt and crushed concrete, to the most abrasive mining applications, Hensley is world renowned for high quality steel backhoe teeth. This technology is incorporated into Degelman rock pickers. These cast steel grill tips, provide the ultimate protection against high impact and high abrasion. The solid grill shafts are precisely milled to accept these teeth and the tips are easily replaced by removing a simple roll pin.
Precision Grill Control
The wheel placement created between the tractor hitch and the offset tires provides precise reactive control over grill depth, exceptionally important when working in soft and or wet field conditions.
Frame Design
Rock pickers are used in the most abusive and harsh conditions known in the agricultural and construction markets. Hitting, lifting and picking hard heavy stones put enormous stress on equipment. A durable rectangular frame design is the heart of a Degelman rock picker. It supports these big loads and carries the weight of the grill and reel assembly. Even the inside corners are supported by heavy angle plates that tie the frame tubes together.
Superior Paddle Teeth
The paddle design starts with an over-sized, heavy wall tube. The teeth themselves overlap the paddle tubes to protect the tubes from damage. This small detail increases the tube strength, creates a more robust point of rock contact, prevents tube damage through bowing and reduces dents. This is but another example of the Degelman difference - no detail is overlooked.
Degelman Industries make use of cutting edge production technology like robotically welded paddle teeth. Perfect welds every time. Additionally, the teeth are fully hard surfaced by robot - a technique commonly employed in industrial applications that provides three times more wear resistance.

Heavy Reel
The oversized reel plates are heavy and designed to withstand abuse. The reel side plates are laminated and incorporate formed edges that dramatically increase the reel's strength and providing a natural deflective surface. Through years of exhaustive research, development and testing, we have found that the soft steel of our cotter pins outlast all other forms of fasteners. Small details can make a big difference.
Advanced Reel Spring Design
The reel spring assembly moves constantly under heavy loads and is designed to arc back under pressure and release. The spring is a heavy-duty compression design exclusive to Degelman, that has taken years to perfect. It works better and lasts longer than typical extension springs. Paired with this is a urethane puck that dampens vibration and minimizes backlash as the reel paddle decompresses. Finally, a simple bend integrated into the spring holder plate greatly increases the strength of the spring holder.
Long Swing Pole
The hitch pole, considerable longer than typical rock pickers, is allowed to pivot, providing a large working envelope, superb visibility for picking rocks and the ability to tuck the picker behind the tractor for narrow transport. By simply pulling a pin, the machine is readied for field or transport. For more demanding operators, a hydraulic option is available and recommended for overall ease of use and extremely handy to precisely back up to rock piles.
PTO or Hydraulic Drive
These signature series rock pickers are available in both hydraulic drive and PTO drive. The hydraulic motor option is by far the most popular option as it allows the operator to reverse the reel. The PTO version, coupled with a heavy-duty gearbox and dry clutch has more torque and is suitable for picking larger rocks and windrows. Both systems are available to offer you the best option for your operation.
Chain and Hydraulic Motor
Degelman proudly uses Parker TF Series motors in our rock pickers. These motors are industry known for durability and performance in the most severe of applications. Roller vanes and sealed commutation assure smooth low speed operation. A built in relief valve will let the oil bypass and reduce any stress or backlash if the reel quickly changes direction. The output shaft and drive sprocket are also tapered for one of the best sprocket/motor connections possible.
We protect the Parker TF with a heavy gauge shield that pivots up for easy maintenance with the removal of a single bolt. The heavy steel cover protects the chain mechanism and is resistant to vibration and cracking.
Even the roller chain is high end. The Japanese roller chain is shot peened to relieve stress and is highly wear resistant. Solid RBL bushings allow for excellent inside rounding and assure perfect surface contact that minimizes wear and elongation.
Degelman Hydraulic Cylinders
Another example of Degelman design elegance and simplicity is the utilization of a single set of cylinders which means there is less potential problems to occur. As an operator, you control both the grill height and the dumping of a load of rocks with a single set of hydraulics. Unlike most manufactures, Degelman designs and manufactures our own cylinders - industrial style hydraulic cylinders designed to perfectly match the application.
Removable Tire Assemblies
Distributing weight and minimizing the pounds per square foot in soft wet conditions is necessary. These large diameter 16.5L tires disperse the weight of rocks in the hopper and reduce the possibility of heavy rutting on your valuable fields.
We make changing the tire, rim or spindle a much simpler process by providing a single bolt through the spindle. Changing the running gear is quick and painless.
Extra Hose Protection
Hydraulic hose is normally vulnerable to rock damage and flying debris and from experience we have protected all key areas with combinations of removable steel hose guards with flared edges to reduce cuts, industrial quality hose clamps that reduce vibration and ho
Extra Plates, Extra Welds, Extra Strong
Backing into a rock pile with a weighted rock picker can damage key components. The hydraulic hose cover is welded to the box frame to be even stronger in a key crush point. The back of the hopper box is constructed of double walled formed steel as it receives heavy pounding by rocks in the hopper and the area most likely to become damaged.
In locations where crush damage and daily wear are more likely, we have reinforced these areas to ensure you have years of trouble free operation. For example, the grill side plates have additional reinforcement plates added to counter head-on damage.
Safety and Transportation
The transport lock is accessed safely on the outside of the grill assembly. In the locked position it is impossible for the grill to fall and become damaged in a transportation situation.
To make your life that little bit easier, we have added a tow hook on the back of the picker to help you bring additional equipment to the field.
Safety information and a highly visual manual is provided with every piece of equipment we sell.
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