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6455 Leading
The Model 6455 Leading air seeder provides many features that will allow you to get more done in your valuable seeding day.
The Leading 6455 Air Seeder is balanced and tested to ensure both hitch weight and ground compaction are within the Producer's parameters.
The Metering Drive & Transmission ensures accurate & consistent metering rates.
Various Tire Options ensure good flotation & minimal compaction.
The Integral Tank System provides industry leading efficiency of the tank capacity.
The Bourgault Product Distribution System is a Class A distribution system proven to be even, accurate, and gentle on all products.  The main componants include:
PDM Pro Metering Auger, (PDM Plus prior to 2014 model year);
Straight-Thru Primary Lines,
and Air Seeder Kit.
Cab Rate Adjust gives you easy on-the-go control of product rates.
Bourgault is the first in the industry to provide the Product Lift System for operator safey and convenience.
The convenient Power Hydraulic Calibration System provides a quick and simple means to achieve an accurate application rate.
The standard Model 591 Air Seeder Monitor gives you standard monitoring features for up to four compartments.
Optical Blockage Sensors are available as single run or full run packages.
The optional X30 Seed Rate Controller (SRC) provides unprecedented monitoring & rate control of your seeding operation.
The Model 6455 Leading is equipped with the 10" Standard Load/Unload Auger or the the 10" Deluxe Load/Unload Auger.
Working Lights are located in key locations to enhance productivity and safety during night time operation.
Tank Mounted Camera System - Bourgault offers a leading stand-alone monitoring system that allows you to watch what is happening in each compartment and behind the air seeder.
Model 6455 Leading Air Seeder ~ Specifications
Total Tank Volume
455 bu
 16,034 l
#1 Tank Volume
160 bu
5,638 l
#2 Tank Volume
65 bu
2,291 l
#3 Tank Volume
230 bu
8,105 l
Height - Transport (Top of L/U Agr/Cnvr)
12' 5"
3.8 m
Height - Field (Top of Hand Rail)
15' 0"
4.6 m
Overall Width (Single Tires)
13' 9"
4.2 m
Front Axle to Rear Axle (TBHD Only)
15' 6"
4.7 m
Hitch Pin to L/U Auger/Conveyor - Tow Behind Units
30' 8"
9.3 m
Hitch Pin to L/U Auger/Conveyor - Leading Units
32' 8"
10 m
Hitch Pin to Rear Tow Hitch Pin - Tow Behind Units
32' 10"
10 m
Hitch Pin to Rear Tow Hitch Pin - Leading Units
30' 2"
9.2 m
Front Tire Spacings (TBHD Only)
5' 0"
1.5 m
Rear Tire Spacings, Single
10' 10"
3.3 m
Rear Tire Spacings, Inside Dual
10' 0"
3 m
Rear Tire Spacings, Outside Dual
15' 0"
4.6 m
Weight, Empty (Single Tires) ***
14,000 lb
6,350 kg
Loaded Hitch Weight, Leading Units:
8,600 lb
3,900 kg
Load/Unloading Augers/Conveyor
10" Standard
10" Deluxe
L/U Auger/Conveyor Load Rate (max.)
70 bu/min
2,467 l/min
85 bu/min
2,995 l/min
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