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7700 Air Seeder

The 7700 incorporates design features that maintain Bourgault's position at the top of air seeder technology.
The Bourgault Auto Section Control (ASC) system is designed to work with the Topcon X30 Seed Rate Controller (SRC) to sense when a drill is about to overlap a seeded section of the field.
The Bulk Boom option makes loading bulk bags of seed, fertilizer or inoculant both more convenient and efficient.
The capacity of the Model 7700 is most impressive, with four main tanks totaling 700 bushels (24,667 litres) and the KNEX full inter-tank flexibility system that Bourgault air seeders are renowned for.
The optional 40 Bu Saddle Tank & Pallet Storage Platform mounted on the left side of the 7700 is designed for the seeding and storage of bagged product and raises the total tank capacity to 740 bushels (26,077 litres).
Bourgault offers the Product Lift System for convenient transport of seed bags to the tank top (not available with the Saddle Tank).
Standard, large 850/80R38 tires (rear singles) require a low 17 psi (117.2 kPa) inflation pressure, even when operating fully loaded.  (Optional 710/70R42 rear duals (12 psi) are available.)   Compaction is minimal allowing farmers to continue to fill the compartments even in wetter seeding conditions.  The 81" tire diameter minimizes rolling resistance. Optional brakes are also available for the 7700 Air Seeder.
The 7700 is available with either a 10" diameter Conveyor with a 15" belt, or a 12" diameter Deluxe Auger.
Staircase access, from either side of the tank, features grated cast steps.
The 7700 Air Seeder incorporates a new hydraulic drive metering system capable of driving up to 5 metering augers
Depending on your priority, 7000 Series air seeders have two different seed application controllers.  For those Operators wanting extreme capability, Bourgault offers the ISO/X30 Apollo System*. The X30 Apollo System provides unprecedented control of the 7700.  Alternatively, Bourgault offers the ISO Apollo System  which provides basic control for those individuals who wish to use the Virtual Terminal in thier tractor.
The 7700 comes standard with a stand-alone camera system and a 7” (18 cm) LCD screen. Each tank compartment is equipped with a separate camera to monitor product levels and a rear view camera allows you to watch for approaching vehicles when transporting from field to field.
The Bourgault Product Distribution System includes the PDM Pro Metering Auger, Straight-Thru Primary Lines, and Air Seeder Kit. This Class A distribution system is proven to be even, accurate, and gentle on all products.
The PDM Pro, the heart of Bourgault's industry leading air seeders is standard on the 7700 Air Seeder. 
Optional load cells reduce your filling times by eliminating overfilling when only partial fills are needed.
Model 7700 Air Seeder Specifications´╗┐
Volume, Total
(740 with Saddle Tank Option)
24,667 l
(26,077 l with Saddle Tank Option)
#1 Tank Volume
 10,360 l
FLEX Bin Volume (non-metering)
 2114 l
#2 Tank Volume
 3700 l
#3 Tank Volume
 1057 l
#4 Tank Volume
 7400 l
#5 Tank Volume (optional)
 1410 l
Height, Transport
3.7 m
Height, Field (top of raised handrail with tanks full)
 4.7 m
Overall Width (with std singles on rear)
4.3 m
Overall Length (hitch pin to farthest rear point)
44' 9"
13.6 m
Weight, (Std duals on rear)
24,500 lb
 11,113 kg
Load/Unload Auger
12" (30 cm) L/U Auger at 145 bu/minute **
 L/U Conveyor with 10" (25 cm) tube and 15" (38 cm) belt at 110 bu/minute **
850/80R38 singles rear, 710/70R42 singles front
17 psi (117.2 kPa) [710/70R42 duals optional on rear - 12 psi (83 kPa)] 
Optional, Hydraulic
Monitor/Controller Options
Choose between the:
X30 Apollo System option
ISO Apollo System option
Metering Drive
Hydraulic Drive controlled by X30 Seeder/Controller
UMHW or Steel Flight Metering Augers Available
Single Flight, Double Flight, Low Output, or High Output Available (depending on tank compartment)
Prime feature standard
Stand-alone camera system with 7" (178 mm) monitor standard.
One camera located in each tank compartment.
One camera at rear of air seeder to monitor traffic during transport.
 Weigh Scale Optional
 ** Loading rates based on dry barley.
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